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500 Lb. Church Challenge

Jumpstart your LIFE with the Donna Elle Wellness’ “500lb Down Church
Challenge.” Our goal is to motivate the members of your congregation to
become healthy and continue to move with exercise for a lifetime! Your members
will get great advice and support from our D.I.V.A. mentors for 8 weeks! We will
incorporate real life experience, exercise sessions, testimonials and roundtable
discussions. With our personal testimonies, our team of D.I.V.A.s will help inspire
your congregation to reach their individual health and fitness goals as well as
encourage continued motivation as a church.
Donna Elle Wellness will arm you with the basics you need to jump start or
modify your exercise and nutrition program.

Here are a few of the things we cover during the “ 500 lbs Down Church
Recommended weekly workout schedule
Cardiovascular fitness recommendations
Weight training basics and recommended workout exercises
Basic nutritional guidance
Workout schedule planning
Lifestyle coaching on how you can mold your fitness in with your busy lifestyle

Free starter kit with informative tips to get and keep you on track
The “500 lbs Challenge will conclude a closing Celebration, highlighting those
individuals who have made the most progress during the 8 weeks. For more information
contact us today! 423-228-0750! We will motivate you in any city!

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