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Donna Elle

Donna Elle

Founder | Motivational Speaker | Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Donna Elle can say with conviction she has been called to help others realize their personal worth
and invest in themselves. With more than 20 years of experience in the public eye as a radio host
and television personality, Donna Elle has reached out to and helped people from all walks of life.
Donna has been driven to succeed since childhood. At the age of 13 she became a teen reporter for
WJTT, Power 94 in Chattanooga. For the next six years, Donna focused on her talent for radio and
at the age of 19, she was hired as a full-time radio personality. At Power 94 she started as the
“Night” radio host and transitioned to Co Host of the “Chattanooga Morning Show” for five years.
After 22 years on air, She decided to pursue another dream– a career in television. In 2012, Donna
joined the Eyewitness News Team at WRCB-TV in Chattanooga as a reporter, photographer, editor,
and television Host. Donna currently host Trends on 3 on WRCB in Chattanooga. She was also a
midday radio personality on 96.1 The Beat. Donna says God put it in her heart, to inspire other
women like her.
While her dreams are coming to fruition, she has not forgotten about her mission to inspire. From an
early age, Donna says she was teased by many of the people around her. She was “the girl with the
pretty face”, but was criticized about being overweight. She realized that what she needed most was
for someone to say, “I believe in you!” Ten years ago, Donna worked hard to achieve a goal that she
is very Proud of. With eating in moderation, a supportive group of friends and family, and exercise
regimen, she has lost over ninety pounds. Donna made the decision to help women like her, and
teach them to invest in themselves and while taking their health seriously. She is the CEO and
Founder of Donna Elle Wellness and Donn’s D.I.V.A.s workout classes in Chattanooga and
Nashville. She is also empowers through Motivational Speaking, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching and
teaching D.I.V.A.s classes for women at all levels of fitness. Donna’s D.I.V.A.s. (determined
individuals valuing activities) is a partnership with D1 Sports Training. Donna’s goal is “to get
100,000 everyday women off the couch and start moving for a lifetime!”
Donna’s goal is to bring out the best in people regardless of circumstance. Her proudest
accomplishment is raising her son Brandon, (who is now a college freshman). Donna is a mother,
career woman, and Motivator that has a heart for people. Her personal motto is…”Invest in you
today…Live Tomorrow!”


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