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Sturne’s Sisters Success Story

Sturne’s Sisters Success Story
Being apart of Donna’s D.I.V.A.’s has helped us go further and pushed us to do more on our journey. Although we are doing this together as sisters it is great to have a group of ladies like the DIVA’s who uplift and support us on this journey. Since becoming apart of this class we workout more, we have completed several 5 & 10 k’s and even took on the challenge of completing not one but two half marathons. Eating right & exercising has become a way of life. Donna encourages us by reminding us on how far we’ve come and not dwell on how far we have to go. She tells us to set healthy and realistic goals. Donna is very personable and open about her journey and is there to listen which helps us know we can do it. It’s beneficial to us because there are other women who can relate and it has helped us to lose a total of 155 lbs together. It is also beneficial because we get to help other women on their journey. This is a lifetime journey and not everyday will be easy or go as planned. Remember if you fall off, don’t beat yourself up, just get back on track. It is truly worth it!!

Shenikia Sturnes & Robin Sturnes

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